About Binomo

What is Binomo?

To start with, Binomo is a trading platform, which allows people to make money online. Binomo is a regulated broker, which has awards and it provides services to people from many countries around the world. In addition, Binomo offers more than 60 assets to trade. Moreover, it offers technical analysis tools and it has many more beneficial features, which make trading on Binomo easy and convenient.

Binomo is a trading platform
What is Binomo broker?

Why Binomo?

Binomo is a trusted broker and it has provided financial services to people since 2014. Binomo has a lot of benefits to offer. First of all, Binomo provides every trader with a free $1000 demo account, which can be used for practice. Furthermore, Binomo provides free training, which can help people improve their trading skills and start trading like professionals. What’s more, Binomo provides 24/7 support in different languages, so you can get help straight away.

Binomo is a trusted broker
Why traders choose Binomo?

Binomo account types

Binomo broker offers 4 different account types: Free, Standard, Gold  and VIP. With a Standard account you get access to basic features, but with other account types you get more features. With a Gold account you get insurance, happy hour and personal manager. Moreover, with a VIP account traders get prizes and access to risk-free trades.

Binomo account types?

Binomo Regulation

As it was mentioned above, Binomo is a regulated broker. In fact, it is a category “A” member of the Financial Commission. Consequently, this just proves that Binomo can be trusted and it guarantees the transparency of clients’ relationships.

Binomo Regulation
Binomo Regulation?

Binomo education

Binomo provides education, so everyone can get to know what trading is. In addition, Binomo broker offers many strategies to try in order to improve your trading results. There are strategies for both novice and experienced traders. With these strategies, traders can boost their skills and start trading more profitably. 

Binomo education
Binomo education?