Binomo app for Android and iOS

Binomo mobile apps
Binomo mobile apps

Binomo has its own mobile application for tablets and smartphones on Android and on iOS for trading. And it has got rather positive repute. For this moment, more than 300,000 users have already used this device. For sure, that for such a relatively young company, which is constantly working on improving and updating its digital application, it’s a great positive sign. The device for gadgets was developed in December 2016, but it has already passed beta testing, which showed the device in action and helped to solve the occurred problems. Let’s look in details at the Binomomobile app in two versions: Android and iOS.

Binomo mobile application for Android

Its rather easy to Install the Binomo mobile. Then you need  to register on the official website: If you already have an account, you need to log in to your account. After  registration with the Binomo trading platform and verification of the email address, you can start trading on a demo account, which is provided free of charge and does not require verification of the email address. In the process of registration must be selected currency, with which will be conducted for trading operations (in the process of trading it will not be possible to change it). In case if you see a window Replenish the account, you should click on the button.

To start trade on real account, you need to deposit $ 10 to your account (this is the minimum amount), and you only need $ 1 to complete the transaction. This is important and fast process. The return on trading assets from each contract can reach more than 85% (in case of correct forecast), and the same funds can be used in a mobile device. The trading platform is informative and has an excellent design. Despite positive reviews of the app, thetrading platformcontinues to upgrade the platform. Binomo trading platform does a lot to create a unique device for its clients. In the nearest future there will be the most innovative tools and functions that accelerate the activity of the device. The functionality is very convenient, so the company managers have a possibility to communicate on GooglePlay, responding to all comments about the work of version.

Binomo Mobile Application for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

The external design and resource versions on Android and iOS are very similar to each other. The mobile application can be installed only on iPhones and iPads with the use of  iOS 8.0 transaction management system.  In case if some functions don’t work properly, it is necessary to make an update.

Binomo Mobile Application for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Binomo Mobile Application for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

The procedure of update is carried out quite often. Approximately once a week something is improved and reconstructed.

Pros of Binomo – mobile apps:

  • minimum amount of the deposit (10 USD or 10 EUR);
  • Free demo;
  • Support 24/7;
  • availability of a demo account without registration;
  • profitability up to 90%;
  • the process of depositing / withdrawing money not slow;
  • the use of turbo trading with the expiration of up to 1 minute;
  • responsible technical support service, ready to help at any time.

Binomo Mobile APP Conclusion

In conclusion, it is worth to point out, that with the help of Binomo mobile version a trader can trade from his smartphone or tablet in any place even far from his home. Nowadays, the mobile application of Binomo’s can be called a leader among other companies.

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