Binomo Vip Account

Why Binomo VIP account?

Being in VIP status, you get the right to individual service and training. Trader can get personal discounts, bonuses, increasing the percentage of profit on assets, etc. Each user can find out what is offered personally to him, from a personal manager. 

Benefits of VIP status

Binomo VIP account
Binomo VIP account
  • a complete list of trading assets with a profitability of up to 90%.
  • payments up to 4 hours (depends on withdrawal method).
  • the highest priority is available to you in the support service, which works around the clock.
  • compensation for losses up to 10% is provided for you (to receive you need to contact the manager). – trading training is available to you under the guidance of a personal tutor, who develops an individual program that is suitable for you personally, taking into account the existing level of knowledge in this area.
Binomo vip account menu
Binomo vip account menu

The condition for obtaining Binomo VIP status: total deposit in the amount of $1,000. It is also necessary to add a mobile number to the profile and confirm it via SMS.

Binomo - Vip account upgrade
Binomo – Vip account upgrade

VIP account increased profitability

The highest possible bonus rates – by getting a VIP status on the platform, the client gets the opportunity to double his capital even before the start of trading operations: there is a fixed bonus rate is applied – up to 200% of the amount of the credited capital. Thus, the platform immediately allows traders to work on a larger volume of trading funds. This, in turn, expands the investor’s potential in the issue of applying money management rules, using a position with a higher value, and also reduces the risks of losing your own trading funds. As a result, a trader, working on a status account, can expect a larger and more capital gain than on standard accounts. 

Binomo increased profitability
Binomo increased profitability

Quick payouts

On the Binomo service you can make a profitability within 4 hours (depends on withdrawal method). Such conditions apply to VIP accounts in accordance with a partnership agreement with the platform. However, it is noted that customers with high status in practice receive money within 4 hours (depends on payment method) after the application for withdrawal. This is undoubtedly a big plus and incentive to achieve maximum status on the trading platform.

Binomo account fast withdraw for VIPs
Binomo account withdraw for VIPs

VIP training

The widest selection of assets – when reaching a VIP-status on Binomo, you can use the entire playlist of trading platform’s tools. Given the fact that the company offers you a very serious selection of trading instruments – more than 60 different kinds of items: stocks, currencies, commodities, metals, digital currencies, indices. You, as a trader, get the widest possible opportunities in the formation of highly liquid, balanced by the level of risk and profitability of investment packages. So, applying different forms of contracts on a wide range of financial assets, you on Binomo will be able to achieve maximum performance of trading operations, while diversifying financial risks and making profit in the safest mode for your trading account. 

Technical support

Work with a personal analyst – having a high status of a working account, you get the opportunity to carry out trading operations with constant high-level analytical support. A personal analyst allows you to achieve the highest financial performance and creates the conditions for your professional growth as a trader. Additional exclusive terms of cooperation – Binomo company offers an individual approach to work with each VIP-client. So you can get additional benefits simply by contacting customer support. Here trader can be offered higher bonuses. Additional technical opportunities for working in the market, and exclusive financial terms of cooperation.

Binomo support for VIP
Binomo support for VIP

Deposit Insurance

Insurance investment capital is garanted for traders. This condition of work for you, as a client with a VIP status, allows you not to worry about the safety of your own investment funds. Thus, you get the optimal psychological and financial conditions for stable work in the market. 

Binomo VIP account deposit insurance
Binomo VIP account deposit insurance

Cashback for VIP

Weekly Cash back of lost funds – an account with VIP status allows you to receive reimbursement of losses up to 10% of lost funds according to the results of the trading week. Thus, on Binomo, you get the opportunity not only to compensate for the loss of capital, but also more optimal indicators for working with contracts with a high level of risk. It allows you to get wider trading indicators and provides additional insurance for your investment funds. Special offer is a very rare occurrence on VIP accounts of other trading platforms. 

Binomo cash back
Binomo cash back

User comments regarding VIP conditions

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binomo vip comment 1
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binomo vip comment 3
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